Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My daughter is not available for the September assessment weekend, is she still eligible for the program?

A: No, all players wishing to be considered for further participation in the program must participate in the Assessment and Development Weekend.

Q: My daughter has conflicting tryouts on the Labour Day Weekend, what can we do?

A: We encourage you to reach out to your Minor Hockey Association and investigate what kind of flexibility they have on their end. We are happy to try to work with your daughter’s schedule and place her in a group that minimizes conflicts, if possible.

Q: Is this program open to players registered on a BC Hockey Female Midget AAA team or and Academy team?

A: No, the program is for players who are registered with PCAHA Minor Hockey Associations only.

Q: Is this program open to Female players on boys’ (Integrated/Co-Ed) teams?

A: Yes, as long as the player is playing on a team in a PCAHA Minor Hockey Association in the 2021-2022 season.

Q: Are Female players from Washington State eligible to participate?

A: Yes, however given the situation with the US-Canada border we cannot guarantee that any US players would be able to participate this season. Additionally, due to IIHF registration restrictions, American players will be unable to be selected for one of the tournament teams. They may, however, participate in a development group without restriction.

Q: Can I request that my daughter be put in a specific group or with another player for the Assessment and Development Weekend?

A: No, we will not accept a request for specific placement in a group.

Q: My daughter is U11 (2011 or 2012 birth year), can she participate in the program?

A: Underage players wishing to be considered for inclusion in the must contact their association President who may apply for an underage waiver on your daughter’s behalf. Application for an underage waiver received from anyone other than a MHA President will be rejected. Please note that waivers shall be considered only for those U11 players deemed “Exceptional”. Furthermore, any underage player accepted who fails to rank  high enough in the Assessment and Development Weekend to be placed on one of the U13 tournament teams shall not be accepted for further participation in the program.

Q: Will you accept overage players?

A: No, the program is currently only for U13 and U15 players.